Sometimes an error may occur and you will not be able to switch to your add-on product. You will recognize when a product cannot be activated because the hue of the entire line will be gray.

This error occurs when your additional item has a different shipping carrier than your main product. To activate add-on items, make sure your add-on items have at least one delivery courier that is the same as your main product delivery courier.

Just close the current page. Open another tab and go to your Add-on deals page. You’ll notice that under Upcoming, your new add-on was just created.

Additional offers which are under Ongoing and Upcoming are still subject to editing.

Click Actions to the right of the add-on deal name bar and then a drop-down will appear. Click Edit. You can also decide to remove the add-on by clicking Remove under the Edit section.

Add-ons FAQ

Why can’t I delete my main product

Add-on deals can only work with a minimum of one main product. You can delete some of your main products. However, you can’t delete all of them at once and you won’t be able to delete your main product if you only have one.

Why Can’t Some Products In An Add-On Transaction Be Batch Activated?
There are several cases that prevent the product from activating:

Promotions that overlap whatsapp mobile number list with other campaigns such as Bundle Deals
The product has a different shipping courier from the main product. If in case a particular main product cannot be activated, this means that it is the only main product with a different shipping carrier.
Products that are already added as the main product to an ongoing add-on agreement cannot be added to a separate add-on agreement.
Why Can’t Some Products Be Added to the Product Picker?
You cannot add a product if it is sold out or has already been used in another promotion. These products will be grayed out in the product selector to let you know you can’t add them.

What are Add-ons

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What’s the Best Way to Choose Products For Add-on Deals?
It is a promotional tool that allows shopee sellers to provide discounts on certain products considering that the buyer buys the product together with the main product and some add-on products. The America Phone Number main product will be purchased at its original price but additional products will have a discounted price.

Add-on offers are best used for complementary products. Here’s an example: Buy an iPhone 10 and get AirPods with a charging case for 25% off.

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