Obtaining top a request for quotation can sometimes be a challenge. Especially due to the risk of imposing a financial correction in the event of an irregularity, which in the worst case amounts to % of the order value. Therefore, it must be sufficiently accurate, carefully written, and the requirements must be set in an understandable and feasible way. If you need tips regarding a request for quotation, we advise you on our blog. How to write a request for quotation? Our specialization is obtaining EU funds for the implementation of enterprise development projects. As part of the grant acquisition service, you can entrust the preparation of a request for quotation to our specialists in accordance with your needs! We invite you to cooperate.

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Investment aid for recycling and reuse of waste is a special type of public aid grant for recycling and reuse of waste generate by other enterprises, provide that: recycle or reuse materials process would otherwise be dispose of or process in a less Photo Retouching environmentally friendly way; the investment does not increase demand for materials intend for recycling without simultaneous increase in their acquisition; the investment goes beyond the current state of the art. Aid limit and intensity The limit for investment aid for recycling and reuse of waste is EUR million.

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The aid intensity is % of the eligible costs. The aid intensity may be increase by % for aid to small enterprises and by % for aid to medium-size enterprises. The aid intensity may be increase by % or % for investments  out in assisted areas which respectively meet the conditions set out in Article section letter and of the Treaty. Eligible costs Eligible costs America Phone Number include the additional investment costs necessary to implement an investment leading to a better or more efficient recycling or reuse activity compare to a conventional reuse and recycling activity process with the same production capacity that would be create in the absence of help.