Review the start and end times you entered. Make sure to comply with the following standards:

You cannot enter the current time as the start time. It should be at least an hour from the current time.
The end time must also be one hour earlier than your start time.
The end time can only be up to three months after the start time.
Why can’t I edit the Timings In My Add-ons?
You can only edit the timings in two situations:

If this is for an ongoing deal, the end time can only be edited earlier to the previous setting
For future transactions, you can only edit start time only for later date compared to previous setting.
How is “Current Price” Calculated After Selecting Main Product or Additional Product?
The current price corresponds to the price of the main / add-on product at the time of product selection.

How Do Additional Offer Purchase Limits Work

Additional Information Additional Deals, you can add a purchase limit that can be used by each customer. By default, shoppers have only one purchase limit for each primary product.

Buyer’s purchase limit will phone number list become effective based on product orders included in the additional offer promotion. This will apply even though:

Have not made payments either online or by bank transfer as well as Cash On Delivery orders that have been canceled
The order has been canceled or returned regardless of whether the goods have been paid for or not paid for
The only time the purchase limit doesn’t apply is when checkout expires or fails.

Can I Set Additional Deals for Products in a Flash Sale?
Yes you can. While there are restrictions on running multiple promotions simultaneously, there are, of course, some exceptions.

Flash Selling And Additional Offers

phone number list

Your primary product in a add-on deal may still be approved as a product for quick sale in the same period. However, stocks for quick sales will be given higher priority.

It means:

The current price for your add-on’s America Phone Number main product will be the same as its flash sale price
Buyers can purchase your additional items with the main product at a flash sale price
There is still a chance that your item will be approved for additional offers. If they are approved, flash sales will also take priority.