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It’s best to get links from high-authority sites. When creating a backlink acquisition strategy, it is important not to forget about these criteria. The more attention you pay to selecting the sites from which you obtain backlinks, the greater your chances of improving your visibility in search results. How to get incoming links, i.e. effective link building There are many ways to obtain external links. Here are some of the most commonly used methods: Outreach Outreach, i.e. building relationships with website owners and bloggers. Reach out to owners of other websites and portals and build relationships with them. Ask for a backlink, propose an exchange of articles with links, a joint webinar – there are many possibilities. Outreach is a difficult but effective method of obtaining high-quality backlinks to our website.

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Creating valuable content Your content should be unique, interesting and valuable to readers. These can be Photo Retouching blogs, guides, infographics, videos, podcasts, research and even memes! Publishing content that is read and shared by users allows you to acquire natural backlinks. Guest posts Guest posting is one of the most popular (and free) methods of gaining backlinks. It involves preparing an article with a link and placing it on another website. In exchange for providing valuable content, you will gain a backlink and the interest of new readers. Collaboration with influencers Influencers have a large reach and often enjoy the trust of their audience.

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Cooperation with influencers may include sponsoring posts, reviews, co-creating content with backlinks leading to your website. Building a America Phone Number relationship Being active in the industry, participating in conferences, webinars, publishing comments on blogs and forums can also bring natural backlinks. Targeted linking (link baiting) This is a strategy that involves creating such attractive and original content that other websites want to link to it. Examples include tools, quizzes, original research, exclusive guides and infographics. Sponsored articles Publishing sponsored articles on external websites is another way to obtain a link. In the case of sponsored articles, publication is paid. Prices range from several dozen zlotys to several thousand.