Now it’s time for a YouTube drama. Maciek Budzich in his post presents a very interesting video showing how the recently famous drama. Of Gimper and Ator is reflecte in the results generate by Brand24. Drama in a nutshell Drama on YouTube is a term for the conflict between YouTubers. In the case of Gimper and Ator, who stoppe working. Together, instead of the end of their story, we have the beginning of a war in which they both exchange. Accusations and show their evidence – who cheate whom, who was unfair and who has more mental problems because of it. The whole case went to court, both youtubers have their supporters and opponents And information about this drama reaches more and more people.

They use Internet monitoring

What can be seen in Brand24? To check how Internet users react to this situation, Maciek Budzich create two projects in Brand24 – “Gimper” and “Ator”. He analyzes them in the video below, where you can see, among other things, how big the discussion Latest Mailing Database around this drama is, where it is taking place, what is its scope and who participates in it., which is supplemente with very interesting comments that help to better understand the individual elements of this conflict and its relationship with marketing.

Latest Mailing Database

This allows you to react quickly

We invite you to watch!SOCIAL LISTENING As in Kleenex, and surprise offline recipients Aneta GlowackaAneta GlowackaMarch 25, 2016 ・ 2 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn Internet monitoring gives you America Phone Number an insight into what is being said about the brand or its competitors. and well to all entries – sometimes answer a question, other times thank you, sometimes apologize or in some other way mark your presence where there is a discussion about the company.

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