To save time when crafting emails, the Templates the team uses Stripo. In the editor. Another aspect of design optimization is the brand book and palettes for working with dark mode. A designer or email marketer often experiences a headache when they try to do everything in branded colors; everything is just a bomb. However, […]
All participants in the process are engaged in this process. They use a special sub-tool for documentation, in which everything is recorded with analytics and numbers. Team Introduced Thus, it is easy to determine why and when this particular decision was made.The discussion surrounding the projects can be conducted using messengers or tools such as […]
Everyone talks about personal touch and customer care, but what exactly is customer care in email marketing? The email marketing team has its own secret recipe. We at Stripo decided to find out Business Profitable how taking care of team members and processes in teamwork leads to increased care for subscribers. In this article. We […]
Collecting points, scoring in the personalization of marketing communication. In the process of personalization and automation of marketing communication. Customer segmentation based on scoring is very important. This is the awarding of points to customers for specific actions and behaviors. For example – points can be assigned to users for a specific order value. For […]
E-marketing also allows for quick and effective measurement of results. You can track how many people visit your website, how long they stay on it, what content they read, etc. This allows you to better understand the nes of your audience and adjust your marketing strategy to their nes. However, e-marketing also has its downsides. […]
Now it’s time for a YouTube drama. Maciek Budzich in his post presents a very interesting video showing how the recently famous drama. Of Gimper and Ator is reflecte in the results generate by Brand24. Drama in a nutshell Drama on YouTube is a term for the conflict between YouTubers. In the case of Gimper […]

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