Behavioral analysis and personaliz recommendations : embrace the power of data! The b2b platform should leverage customer behavioral analytics to suggest products. Promotions. Arguments. And content relevant to their business interests. This will lead to more target and satisfying sales. Management of know-how and knowlge assets : the b2b platform must become the nerve center […]
Nowadays. A company specializ in distribution. Perfectly integrat into the context of its production chain or supply chain. Must be able to rely on a cutting-ge b2b platform.  The b2b platform must be able to optimize (and automate) all commercial relationship processes. Both with the market. Made up of customers of different types and relat […]
Violation of these rules entails financial penalties that can reach up to 6% of their global turnover up to a ban on carrying out business in the european union. Furthermore. Companies will be subject to periodic independent audits. As well as being closely monitor by the european union These six gatekeepers will now have six […]
In the ever-expanding digital landscape. The european union is launching a package of rules to regulate and control digital services . With the entry into force of the digital service act (dsa) and digital markets act (dma) . Online platforms and technology giants are facing new obligations and restrictions aim at ensuring greater safety. Security […]
However achieving this result sometimes faces some obstacles: your website is up to date; there is no search volume for the term; the topic is interesting, but no one is searching for it. In other words, aside from the issue that you don’t have a reputation yet (which makes it hard to rank your content), […]
The more you want to sell, the more you have to pay; all your sales depend directly on your investment (no reputation gain). Now, if the logic is to invest in yourself, invest in your business, the diagram is different (take SEO investment considers your company  as an example): SEO-Evolution Diagram In this case, your […]
And that takes time. Google Ads is at it again. You can use the Google advertising platform to promote your pages and content. If your company provides valuable will combine quick  content on your website, your chances of getting a link increase. Advertising routines can therefore generate indirect SEO returns by increasing the visibility of […]
What does your audience respond to most? Under what circumstances are there more conversions? Pictures, videos, text? Use this valuable information to guide your SEO efforts. Scenario Three: Brand Exposure Brand Exposure Now let’s look at the side effects of Google Ads on organic targeting. Likewise, paying Google won’t help you get page ten of […]
When it comes to search engines, Bing might not be the first one that comes to mind for most people. However, Bing has some unique features that make it stand out from its competitors. In fact, there are some valuable lessons that database administrators and developers can learn from Bing’s approach to special databases. In […]
Hypermarket website has a sharply designed attention block at the top of the delivery section. He warned buyers would not be able to order alcohol online. The European hypermarket website details the conditions for changing the delivery date and time for rejecting shipments. Labyrinth In the labyrinth lovers immersed in the mysteries of literature will […]
Add-on deals are tools within Shopee Seller Center that allow sellers to encourage buyers to add more products to their cart. As well as a relative increase in sales, add-ons will also help you attract more clicks and views for your other products. A Step-by-Step Guide on Setting Up Your Add-ons? Additional offers Enter Shopee […]
Twitter is a powerful social media platform that allows users to connect and share information with others around the world. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and as a database developer, I learned this the hard way when Twitter destroyed my special database without me noticing. In this article, I will share three ways […]
Collecting points, scoring in the personalization of marketing communication. In the process of personalization and automation of marketing communication. Customer segmentation based on scoring is very important. This is the awarding of points to customers for specific actions and behaviors. For example – points can be assigned to users for a specific order value. For […]
In fact, only the passage of time and the solutions adopted by the government will allow us to objectively assess the effects of Brexit on e-commerce. for any scenarios, because at the moment we have too many unknowns. Partner, legal counsel at GP Law Firm . Brexit is quite a challenge for all e-commerce companies […]
Your benefits at a glance: Anytime access to general practitioners worldwide Personal contact in 6 different languages Secure telemdicine platform Easy access at any time via app Fast and uncomplicatd appointment schduling This video explains how easy it is to use the Telemdicine Assistance Service with the “Doctor Please!” app: The service is not available […]
In recent years, there has been an ongoing debate among academics about the extent to which homework can contribute to students’ academic success. In fact, some claim that schoolwork is burdensome and should not be given to students. Although various theories are issued by those who are said to be intelligent, most teachers still give […]
The person is determine to take the appropriate steps to achieve his goal. Each person has an individual level of motivation. It is different in relation to the various activities or functions it performs in the organization. Motivating tools In Latin, the word “motus” means movement, the course of mental activity. In turn, “moveo” – […]
Now it’s time for a YouTube drama. Maciek Budzich in his post presents a very interesting video showing how the recently famous drama. Of Gimper and Ator is reflecte in the results generate by Brand24. Drama in a nutshell Drama on YouTube is a term for the conflict between YouTubers. In the case of Gimper […]
If you’ve ever found yourself with a long list of phone numbers to organize, you know how daunting of a task it can be. Fortunately, there are several tools and techniques available to help you with what we like to call the “phone number smackdown”. In this article, we’ll cover some of the best options […]

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