They resemble a portion of fries in a characteristic packaging and are clearly associate with Burger King’s product. Smartphone users can download them from the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store . BK 2. Domino’s Pizzeria – easy ordering Domino’s Pizzeria cause quite a stir among pizza lovers when they made it possible to order this delicacy with a tweet featuring a slice of pizza emoji. Apart from Twitter, you can also do this in the same way by sending a message to DPIZZA (374992). In order for customers to order in this way, they must fill in the details of their preferre pizza on the dominos com website. Once they’ve done that, they can easily repeat such orders with this emoji or the words “Easy Order.

As part of promoting its products

Has it ever to you, you couldn’t find the right one to express your emotions? Like the moment you saw whatsapp mobile number list something so cute you wante to pet it to death? The Mentos brand comes to the rescue, which,, has create 20 funny emojis that help describe those moments that have not been best reflecte so far. And this is how the “winning” emoji was create, when you are doing so well that you feel like the whole universe is in your favor, “cute-craze.

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The accompanying emotions

When you are bursting with maximum America Phone Number sweetness, or “like-a-boss” when you just feel like and the boss . ments With the arrival of these emojis, a series of 6 short videos was create, which are perfect illustrations of the situation when can be expresse thanks to the Mentos emoji. Each of the videos is accompanie by the slogan “Ementicons – a fresh way to express yourself.” Unfortunately, the keyboard with these icons is only available for iOS users.