These are both alternative stories, subversive sci-fi and humorous stories with a patriotic flavor. legends The second part of the project consists of 2 short films showing the legends in a modernize form. They emphasize the cunning, courage, pride, ambition, creativity and strength of Poles, what can be found in old fairy tales. However, they are told in a new language, attractive and understandable for a young audience living in the world of the Internet and social meia. Everything is done with attention directe at the viewer. “Dragon” This is a very modern version of the legend “About the Wawel Dragon”. Very contemporary, because the titular dragon is a tattooe, muscular brute – Adolf Kamchatko.

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Who kidnaps young women and imprisons villas. Janek, a young phone number list genius and robot constructor, comes up with an idea how to outsmart his belove. „Twardowsky” Apparently, Mr. Twardowski hid on the moon to escape the devil and the pact signe with him. One day, his space station is visite by a beautiful woman – actually Satan. However, Twardowski was prepare for such an occasion. Special offer The “Polish Legends” project starte on November.

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It was then that a double premiere took place – a free e-book available in three formats (MOBI, EPUB, PDF) and the movie “Dragon” appeare on the web. On December 15, the film “Twardowsky” joine this set. Allegro took care of proper promotion of its America Phone Number campaign. For this purpose, the website, where you can watch movies, download ebooks and learn more about it. in the entry _magazyn.Allegro . The videos appeare on the Allegro channel on YouTube and were made available on the brand’s official fanpage. The team involve in the project was also involve in the promotion.