How Shopee Sellers Make Additional Offers

Add-on deals are tools within Shopee Seller Center that allow sellers to encourage buyers to add more products to their cart. As well as a relative increase in sales, add-ons will also help you attract more clicks and views for your other products.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Setting Up Your Add-ons?
Additional offers

Enter Shopee Seller Center and go to Marketing Center

Think of a name for your add-on deal and fill out the form. You will also need to specify the start and end dates of your add-on agreement. Once you create an add-on deal, you can only change the start date to be later than the previous setting. Don’t forget to indicate the purchase limit for your add-on. Purchase limits relate to how many products a particular buyer can purchase from a primary product order.

Click Save & Continue.

Additional offers

Start listing your main product Latest Mailing Database and add-on products. This is also the time to show how you want them to appear.

Additional offers

To add your main product, simply click Add Main Product and check the boxes of the items you want to add as main products in your add-on deal. Click Confirm.

You can add up to 1,000 main products for your additional offerings. As long as your buyers purchase any of these main products, they will be able to take advantage of your additional offerings.

Here’s a tip: when deciding which items to add as the main product, choose items that have been sold recently or items that are the most popular with buyers. This will increase the chances of your add-on to become a much more effective promotional campaign.

Additional offers

Take a look at your list and decide if you want to add or remove items. If you want to remove a product from the list, simply click the trash icon in the right corner of each product line. Click Done.

Make sure the individual product status is enabled as active. You will know if your main product is active because the toggle bar is green. If your primary product is disabled, you won’t be able to add additional products.

Absolute-Must For Main Products

Latest Mailing Database

It is a requirement to have at least one common delivery courier among the items you select for the main product category.
No other promotions will overlap with your add-on deal (another add-on or bundle deal running the same campaign period as this one)
Additional offers

Now, it’s time to click on Add-On Products.

The same product selector will America Phone Number appear. Check the boxes that you want to add as additional items. Click Confirm.

Note that you can add up to 100 additional items for this campaign. As long as the buyer adds to the cart at least one of the main products you indicated, he will also be able to take advantage of one of your additional items at a discounted price.

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