The products in your add-on and bundle deals cannot run during the same period. If you wish to add a product (which is already in a bundle) to your main product in an add-on, you must terminate the bundle deal. 

Only products defined as add-on items in an add-on deal can run the same time period as the bundle package. 

With exception:

  • You can apply only one purchase limit and promotional prices to additional items and bundle deals
  • Additional promotional prices and purchase limits will apply if the buyer selects a main product and add-on items to fulfill an order. 
  • Bundle pack purchase limits and promotional prices will apply if the buyer selects a sufficient number of items to meet the terms of the bundle deal. 

Can I Set a Product Discount Promotion in an Additional Deal?

Yes, you. This also comes with a few exceptions.

Here are two scenarios to keep in mind:

If a product is under a database promotion such as an add-on deal, current price = promotion price
If the product is not currently being promoted, the current price is related to the actual or original price.
Why Do I Keep Getting an Error When I Enter My Discounted Price?
Make sure the discounted price you enter is lower than the original price.

Why is there no option to set stock for my products in additional transactions?
What will be used as the stock base for your add-on deals is the purchase limit you set for each buyer. Your overall stock for the selected product will also automatically apply to the promotion.

Discount Promotions And Additional Offers


Promotions and add-on discounts can run at the same time. Both offers will also be visible on the product view page. 

However, only one promotion price and purchase limit can apply to both promotions:

  • Add-on purchase limits and America Phone Number prices will apply if the buyer selects a main and add-on product to complete the order
  • If the buyer does not take advantage of any additional items, promotional price discounts and purchase limits will apply.

Add-on offers are one of the most effective tools in promoting other items along with popular products. Have you run add-on offers before? We’d love to know about your experience in the comments section.