Among Active can be very beneficial to take a moment of silence right after you say something important. Then the previous sentence comes in extra.  This makes you appear more Among Active energetic I am regularly told that I have a ‘nice energy’ in front of the camera. However, I don’t always feel full of energy. If I’m tire, or don’t really feel like a video meeting, I try to get into the right mode beforehand. I try to boost my energy level, so that I come across clearly in front of a camera.

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Here are some ways you can do that: Be aware of how you feel beforehand. Are you intereste in this meeting, livestream or interview? Or do you not feel like it, and maybe you feel tire? When I feel tire, I briefly try to do something that gives me energy. I put on a great photo editor music song for 1 minute, or I do jumping jacks for seconds. Being outside for two minutes can also help enormously. In addition, I am aware of the first 10-20 seconds of the meeting: precisely then I try to be extra aware of an open body posture, expression, and a warm smile.

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If the first 20 seconds go well, the rest usually goes a lot better too! 4. Stresse or nervous? Tips to become calmer In the first few minutes of a live stream, I always feel tension. I am often very aware of what I say and how I say it. Recognizable? Over the years. I have found different ways to deal America Phone Number with nerves in front of the camera.  Do you feel the nerves running through your body? Stand up, let yourself fall over, and let everything ‘let go’ for a while.


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