Percent of all AirPlus customers currently use iOS “Currently, the ratio of iOS to Android users among our customers is about three quarters to one quarter,” says Uli Danz. “It was therefore a logical decision for us to offer our customers Apple Pay first.” He explains the special preference for the products from Cupertino, California, on the basis of three factors: “Apple not only offers very high security standards, but also a reliable operating system the latest standards.” In addition, Apple products are easier for companies to host.

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Mobile Payment: Maximum security thanks to payment tokens “With mobile payment with Apple Pay, the card number itself is whatsapp mobile number list never stord on the smartphone,” emphasizes Danz. Instead, a chip generates a one-time cryptic token that is transmittd during the payment process. A merchant therefore never receives the original card number of the stord AirPlus Corporate Card. “With this token method, you can also pay offline with Apple Pay, even in flight mode,” explains Danz.

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Biometrics technology also provides additional security with Apple Pay, as each purchase requires identification via Touch or America Phone Number Face ID. Apple Pay as an optional offer With Apple Pay, AirPlus is expanding its range of services for Corporate Card customers and facilitating convenient, secure and contactless payments via smartphone. “Cardholders can of course decide for themselves whether they want to use this feature,” says Danz. “The advantages of Apple Pay speak for themselves, especially when it comes to issues such as payment security and data protection.