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In this seminar, we will examine the many issues surrounding the successful immigration and relocation of new team members in the company. We explain the visa requirements, the residence permit and the work permit through to registering at the residents’ registration office and the legalization of documents. The places for participants are limitd. Please register early. We look forward to an exciting series of seminars with you.

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We always have our passport or at least an ID with us when we go on a business trip. However, a digital identity could make both phone number list physical passport controls and electronic identification on the internet easier for us. How far has the technology already been developd for travel? And how else could we benefit from it? Time to take stock! “Please verify yourself!” – again It’s annoying to have to verify yourself for different online services every time. On the other hand, we are happy if we can keep our electronic data safe in this way.

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A to stay with the metaphor – outside the EU we cannot reach our destination without a valid passport either. On closer inspection, two America Phone Number factors play a crucial role in both realities: incentive and trust . For example, where a passport is requird, a country has an incentive to allow its citizens to travel to another country. Both countries involvd have agred on the use of this passport for entry – there is therefore mutual trust. The digitization of the visa process simplifies and accelerates the entry process into many countries around the world.

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