Ranking in a very crowded market requires more than an improved description and a beautiful photo. Yes, it can be a major factor but when everyone is trying to stand out you need to use all your resources to stay on top.

Shopee is also a search engine. And just like Google, you need to optimize your listings so that your products can land on the first page. 

Search engine optimization requires high ranking keywords. You can use Split Dragon keyword research and find the right keywords to add to your title, bullet points and description.

Encourage customer reviews

Liked online reviews are an effective sales booster and a trusted source of information about your products. It influences 67% of buying decisions, making it . 

Shopee, or any other online marketplace, prioritizes phone number list customer satisfaction, and they can see that in your review. Aim for at least 4.5 rating and Shopee will give you a good seller performance. Good seller performance translates into product recommendations. 

While everyone is optimizing their products within Shopee, what else can you do to gain an edge?

The answer: outside traffic.

Outside traffic is website visits originating outside of Shopee. This includes customer recommendations, social media, community campaigns and even offline marketing. 

Increase your social media presence and direct your target audience to your store or to specific products. 

Increase outside traffic using social media

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Automation allows you to be productive while you sleep. It saves a lot of time, provides convenience and most importantly, is cost effective. 

For example, the AB Split Dragon testing tool automatically calculates and shows the winning variations of your product listings. Shopee Autoboost allows you to upgrade Shopee products automatically. With just a few clicks, you will have accurate data and algorithms that will help you make the right decisions and get better results. 

Know that your competitors are using every means and resource to stay ahead of the game. So you should too!

Achieving higher rankings and landing on the first page of Shopee search results is a constant process. By enhancing your product America Phone Number listings using concrete data, plus implementing tools to automate processes, you will see a significant increase in traffic, resulting in higher sales.