Among the lures that can be crowned the most killer are soft plastic lures.


Because almost all fish can be caught by it.

It is also an effective bait for fish that are already addicted to other lures.

But not many anglers use this soft lure because they are not sure of the real technique of styling it effectively.

I am sure, if you already know the key to the game and get the real feel, you will definitely be addicted to it.

Methods of Styling Soft Plastic Lures
Undoubtedly, presenting soft plastic baits is generally a very slow fishing method.

Therefore, it requires a lot of patience.

Not many anglers are willing to stick with it before getting the first result

In this article I will explain the basic techniques Database of how to play soft plastic lures that are proven to be effective:

1. Straight Knockout
the method of using soft plastic lures

Most people are skeptical about this technique when using soft plastic bait.

Using soft lures is not as complicated as it seems.

In fact, it is actually an effective technique to trap active fish.

For example, when you see a predator chasing a small fish (feeding frenzy).

So why waste time letting our soft plastic earrings fall to the bottom?

For this method, you can stir slowly, medium and fast.

the best gewang is soft plastic

The use of a jig head and a soft plastic minnow lure with a paddle tail is a suitable choice.

It’s as easy as casting, pulling and maintaining the speed of the lure when you feel the vibration of the lure’s tail.

This method can also be styled with a super slow roar mimicking a fish that is complacent


2.Retrieve & Drop
method of styling soft plastic lures

How is this method?

Throw it and wait for the soft plastic gemang to America Phone Number fall to the bottom.

Then reel your line at normal speed for 2-3 turns and let the lure drop back to the bottom.

In this method, the most important thing is to choose the right weight of the jig head based on the area of ​​the fishing field.

The objective to be achieved is the length of time the bait falls to the bottom around 1-2 seconds.


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