Ever regret buying a lure?

Usually the lures on the market already have a built-in swimming action (existing).

But unfortunately, there are also some lures that don’t have any action when fished normally.

When this happens, it is definitely very disappointing because the price of the lure is not cheap.

Finally the lure will be left dusty or rusty only at the base of the box.

Wait a minute..

A lure is often created with a specific purpose in mind

For example, a fast sinking gewang like senses Whatsapp Mobile Number List savior is very killer when played with a jerk technique, but the action is ‘dead’ if we do a straight karuan.

Therefore, it is our job to find out what is the best technique for each of our lures.

This is where it is important that we understand the lure swimming action .

In this article I will display some methods of styling the lure (step-by-step) that you can do to make the lure your ‘killer weapon’.

Interested? Let’s get started.

Method Straightforward
techniques for styling red sea bass lures

This method is simple and a great start to a fishing session to spot active fish

The straight line is the most universal method used by anglers all over the world

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When the fish are active or in a feeding frenzy, they America Phone Number will attack visible lures and act as if the prey is escaping.

This is where it is important to know about our game fish diet.

Choosing lures that are similar to their diet such as mullet, bream and so on, is the key to success.

If you come across a situation that is suitable for this technique, you can catch fish easily.

I always apply this method to fish that like to ambush.

One important thing you need to remember is the hunting habits of predators. Most predatory fish prefer easy work, just like humans.

This can be explained from the relationship between the use of energy and the energy that will be obtained.