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A form of interaction with employees. But the organization of remote work draws your attention to how to set tasks as precisely as possible; how to organize controls; how to restructure production processes. The project management program will come to your aid, allowing you to save time not to miss important things and avoid mistakes. This way managers can see how work is going and subordinates can work in the system without wasting time coordinating and clarifying.

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Tasks and subtasks If we are building a house then first clear the site and then dig a hole to lay the foundation and then pour concrete, vertical walls, open whatsapp mobile number list the roof and then finish. Obviously you said. You can add an unlimited number of tasks with subtasks to it Initially you need to add everything you need files, due dates, links to 3rd party resources, checklists for each task assigned a specific name. During the work process company employees can make their own adjustments to the tasks, attach the necessary documents and mark the stages of completion.

You can attach as many

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Tasks can be multi-day or daily. For example, if you want to organize a large forum, you must first determine the general theme, call the speakers, invite America Phone Number guests, and organize the room. At any given time all employees working in this direction will see where the process is and where it is sagging. Add checklists to the body of the task itself Mark completed items Attach files to tasks Addresses and phone numbers, supplier contacts.

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